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Buying and Selling During Coronavirus

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

"The economy is on fire and we wanted to buy our first house. Should we wait?"

"We're on a timeline to sell our home, but should we put it off because of COVID?"


These questions are everywhere right now in the Real Estate industry. Buyers and Sellers are worried, and rightfully so. Real Estate agents are trying to keep it cool. What are experts saying? They're saying our favorite thing: "It depends." Ugh, super helpful. Thanks.

I've committed to keeping it real with ya'll, so here goes: it does depend. Are you concerned as a Buyer about losing your job? Then now is not the right time. Is your job pretty secure and you got that WFH life going for you? Then now could actually be the best time, because there's less Buyer competition and rates have hit historic lows thanks to the Fed working to maintain economic security. Lower rates means lower payments, which makes buying more affordable than pre-'rona.

"I don't want people and their germs in my house while it's on the market." I get that. Fortunately, we can still sell your home safely during Coronavirus. Will it be kinda awkward? Yes. But is it doable? Absolutely. Remember that trendy thing a few years back, virtual reality? It's actually tremendously helpful during these times. We can set up a traditional photo shoot of your home, amp it up with some virtual reality and video content - and you have yourself an immersive walk through for tons of potential Buyers to experience your home without tracking their germs into your home.


We know every scenario is unique, and everyone has different preferences and needs in life. Especially so when it comes to staying safe during Covid. We also put client's safety and security above all else in every interaction, because we don't play. Custom crafting real estate experiences in our M.O. and we are happy to talk with you about your needs, and how we can help you safely buy or sell (or not!) during these times.

Want more? The California Department of Real Estate has finalized guidelines on operating during Coronavirus. Check them out here. Still have questions? Reach out to me at 562-966-1139 and I'll be happy to chat about your options.

Just remember - this is your decision and your home. Nothing and nobody should sway your masked self any which direction.

Masked and sanitized, Allie


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