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Marketing Your Home: The Secret Sauce

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

When we think of marketing, we tend to think of billboards and commercials that infiltrate our daily lives, without our asking for it. That's not the approach to take when marketing your home for sale. To effectively market your home and reach the right Buyer - you need a targeted, polished approach.

What does this mean? A targeted approach means reaching potential Buyers where they are, and not marketing your home in a catch-all way. It's important to think through what type of Buyers would be interested in your home over others, where they spend their time, and what messaging resonates with them. And then? You craft smart messages, generate relevant and intriguing content, and get the word out through the channels that make sense to that audience.

There are TONS of resources to tap into when marketing a home. These range from old-school flyer boxes all the way to immersive virtual tours achieved through 3D content creation. An informed Realtor will be able to understand what is unique about your home and how to best share that information with potential Buyers using a variety of marketing tools.

Have a huge property? Aerial footage could really bring those Buyers in.

Selling a condo? Aerial footage may not read quite as well. A 3D tour though, could work!

Each home is unique, like you are. The approach to marketing your home should be too. With nearly 10 years experience in marketing prior to even stepping foot in real estate, Allie can craft a powerhouse marketing strategy that highlights your home while really resonating with potential Buyers.

To talk about what marketing mix may suit your home best, give Allie a call today at 562-966-1139 or shoot us an email at!


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