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Today Doesn't Mark 100 Years Since Women's Right to Vote

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

It marks 100 years since white women's right to vote. In fact, White Suffragists Excluded Black Women In Their Fight For The Right To Vote.

What's more, women's suffrage was not "given" to women - it was fought for. And it was fought for by Black women, Asian women and non-white women of color that were not afforded the same rights white women were granted when the 19th Amendment was ratified and adopted.

Robin Bleiweis, Shilpa Phadke, and Jocelyn Frye share, "Persistent and prevalent racism throughout the era when the amendment was being debated infected the suffrage movement, resulting in an amendment that largely secured the vote for middle-class white women but offered women of color, especially Black women, little more than an empty promise."

Women's Equality day is also coming up next week and without doubt, today is a historical day for the United States. But it does not miraculously absolve this country of its roots in and ramifications of systemic racism. In fact, granting white women the right to vote while keeping Black and WOC out, perpetuated white supremacy alongside the (white) vote when it ratified the 19th Amendment.

Read more about where we are now 100 years later after the 19th Amendment, and the continued fight for racial justice - and social equity - here, here and here.

In Community, Allie

PS! A huge shout out and sweet thank you to Grace and Julie for linking us to more insight on Women's Suffrage. Our next generation is so full of promise and kindness - we are grateful for you, Grace!

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